The Kepler mission and the music of the Spheres

Nasa's Kepler mission was launched in March 2009 to look for planets in orbit about other stars. The mission has also given us exceptional observations of variations in the brightness of the stars caused by star fluctuations: (star) The actual music of the spheres. Through asteroseismic analysis of the observations, we have received completely new information about the characteristics of the stars, including their inner structure and dynamism, and thus a basis for a better understanding of stellar development. By analysing key stars in planetary systems, we also get information on the size, mass and age of the stars, which is very important in order to grade the characteristics of the planets.

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The Kepler mission and the music of the Spheres

Date: Sep 9, 2013
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Professor Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard
Institution: Stellar Astrophysics Centre, University of Aarhus

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum